5022dd155fcc6968a82718195e1e0d2fMy step daughter and her partner have just purchased their own home. She is so excited and full of enthusiasm. They (she!!) have so many plans for their new home.  Her partner Peter, probably doesn’t realize it yet but Jess has a lifetime of “weekend projects” for him! I can’t wait to see their new home. I feel the need for some girly shopping days. Jess has never really been a “shopper” but I think I might be able to bring her over to the dark side. Especially now she has an entire house to fill!

The conversations we have now are so different to those of just a few years ago. OMG there where some dark days in those teenage years. I still have the nervous twitch to prove it!!!!  I must admit that when I think of Jess, I still see her as a young teenager- Not the beautiful person she is today! Where did that time go?

Her Dad and I were having a laugh about all the things the kid’s do that drive their parents nuts. I wonder if their housekeeping skills miraculously improve once they get their own place.

We had a good laugh at all the things we could do when we stay with her……you know, just too even things up a bit. We came up with this list without even trying…

  • Leave wet towels on the bedroom floor
  • Get a clean towel every day because the other one is wet.
  • Have a 1 hour shower using all the hot water
  • Put empty milk containers back in the fridge.
  • Leave dirty dishes on the sink because the dishwasher is full.
  • Don’t unpack the dishwasher when it’s clean.
  • Keep stuffing rubbish into the already overflowing rubbish bin because clearly this is a magical bin that empties itself.
  • Wash one pair of jeans and put them through the dryer because…. you need to wear them that day.
  • Use all of the internet data by syncing the latest season of the Kardashians to all 7 of our “essential” devices.
  • Stand with the fridge door open for 10 minutes –bitching the entire time that there is nothing to eat in the fridge.
  • Put all the washing through the tumble dryer when it’s sunny and 35 degrees outside.
  • Illustrate your displeasure at being asked to bring the cloths in off the line by yanking the clothes from line rather than unpegging them-thus flicking the pegs all over the lawn like confetti. (That particular tantrum didn’t end well for anyone involved!!)

I’m sure there are many more but perhaps I’ve blocked them out….

There was however one particular event that to this day still has me speechless…and probably sums up teenagers perfectly….

The forecast was for rain in the afternoon so one of the children was tasked with bringing the washing in before it rained. When I got home I saw that only some of the clothes had been taken off the line. When questioned the response was “I got my clothes in like you asked but I didn’t know who the other clothes belonged to…..”


Clearly none of the above will happen but I know some things that will, because once you are a parent you are always a parent. We’ll go grocery shopping and fill the fridge and pantry, we’ll buy “house warming” presents of all the things that they don’t have and are yet to realise that they do actually need. We’ll take them out for dinner and pay…we’ll stay home and cook their favourite meals…I’m actually looking forward to all of it, but there is one thing that I definitely won’t be doing….I’m not doing the house work!! I’m officially on holidays. See you soon Jess. Promise not to treat your new home like a hotel!!!….maybe.


All Grown Up

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