If the saying…

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content……

Is true, then what can we expect from an entire weekend well spent?  We had some friends stay at the farm on the weekend and I loved every minute. There’s just something so special about time spent with old friends. There is a familiar easiness that I love.

The laughter is another thing that I love. Seriously we laugh non-stop. Maybe that’s the secret ingredient to a long lasting friendship. We laugh at each other, and, we laugh with each other.

How can you not laugh when you get sent a group text message before the weekend saying “don’t worry my supplier has fixed us up for the weekend”? Seriously!!!! Lucky, we don’t have suspicious partners or that text could take some explaining. Just for the record she was referring to wine…. and yes, she has a supplier, who did fixed us up with some superb wine.


Then there is the just plain silly stuff that can only happen with good friends. Why do we have saucepan lids and colanders on our head? More to the point why would we agree to be photographed like this? Well about 15 years ago on a very similar weekend, under very similar circumstances someone took a snap of the three of us in the kitchen at Helens holiday house…..doing a very similar thing. It was a spur of the moment thing that was caught on camera. For years that photo has made me laugh. A snapshot of silliness.  I think it’s sad that we lose some of that silliness as we get older. Other times Im very grateful that Instagram & FaceBook weren’t around back then!!!

Most people know I love to cook so it’s no surprise that most of my friends also love to cook. The kitchen gets a huge workout on these get-together weekends and it ends up being a bit like party central. As every kitchen should be! No doubt the Champagne and wine help with the party vibe! The men usually retreat outside as the first champagne cork pops. I’ll admit the noise level can get pretty high as we conduct simultaneous conversations about work, family, children, what each of us has decided to cook, Helens’ love for her Thermoix, the best oven temperature for the Beef Bourguignon, and indeed if I owned a casserole dish large enough for the beef. Well Derh! Of course I do!

As the afternoon wears on and the champagne continues to flow I’m sure the men have doubts that anything edible will come out of the kitchen….

So what did come out of the kitchen on Saturday?

Afternoon tea was a beautifully moist banana cake with lemon icing. Then for dinner: Beef Bourguignon, fluffy mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and the grand finale Steamed Sticky Date Pudding.

This is Tanya’s recipe for Beef Bourguignon. You can tell by the the stained recipe sheet that’s she’s cooked it a million times. I know why. Its superb….and goes down particularly well with a good red. If, of course, you have a good supplier who can set you up with some..


Anyone else have a Thermomix? Up until now I have resisted the temptation but after seeing Helen and her Thermomix in action I might just be a convert


A weekend well spent…
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2 thoughts on “A weekend well spent…

  • July 28, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    T’was indeed a fabulous weekend and seriously funny.
    I loved your description of it all but you didn’t mention chooks I had no idea how entertaining and endearing they could be, not forgetting their delicious fresh eggs (also cooked to perfection in my trusty thermomix).

  • July 28, 2016 at 7:05 pm

    What a great weekend! Our lives are all different but 17 years of friendship is what makes these weekends so special. Looking forward to the next one❤️❤️

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