Valle Laguna is a Pet Friendly Property. Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of holidaying with your dog.

  1. Always harness your dog in securely when travelling in the car. (See video below)
  2. Take familiar items with you like their beds, bowls, toys and treats. They’ll feel more relaxed if they have some familiar things around them.
  3. New environments can be overwhelming for dogs. Take a walk around the area with your dog on a lead. This will help him get familiar with the new surroundings. Cows and kangaroos might not be scary to us, but if your dog has never seen one before-his reaction might surprise you!
  4. It doesn’t matter of you are going to the beach or the bush, double check that your dogs flea & tick protection is up to date.
  5. Even if the property is “Pet Friendly” it’s best to check before your stay if they have any rules or special conditions with regard to bringing your dog.

Follow these few tips and we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful holiday with your 4-legged family members.

If you would like stay at Valle Laguna, please click the link below, or above.

Cheers Kylie

Stay at Valle Laguna

Pet Friendly Holidays
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