It’s a well known fact that I love books and some would say that my taste is pretty eclectic.

That’s probably not surprising given that I gather my reading inspiration from book reviews, a friends recommendation, pretty covers (shallow I know) or a best sellers list. Often if I find an author I like-I’ll binge read every book that they have ever written.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m actually a bit of a “mood reader”. It’s not unusual for me to be reading a few different books at the one time. I’ll start a book and find that my mind is just too crowded to deal with it. I’m not connecting with the characters, the plot is too complicated or the genre is just not what I want to read at that time. I’ll put the book down and move to something else. Reading from a Kindle makes this very easy but I also have a stack of books on my bedside table.

This year I’m taking inspiration from books short listed by the 2017 Indie Book Awards.

If you haven’t heard about the award check out their website Indie Book Awards 2017

“The Indie Awards differ from other literary awards because they are chosen by independent booksellers who are renowned for their love of books and reading, support new and emerging Australia authors and foster a love of quality writing.”

I selected 4 from the list. Two debut novels, one non-fiction and one fiction.

The debut novels are murder/mysteries, both set in small country towns. (I live in a small town so the setting appealed to me!!) The third is a non-fiction book by the ABC Broadcasters Richard Fidler. Many will be familiar with Richard from his radio show Conversations with Richard Fidler. I’m actually listening to this on Audiobooks. Richard narrates the book so it’s very easy to listening. The final book on the list is The Last Painting of Sara de Vos by Dominic Smith.

I particularly like any book that has an art/history connection, so when I read the review below, this book went straight onto the list.

The Last Painting of Sara de Vos  “Charts the collision course between a rare landscape by a female Dutch painter of the golden age, an inheritor of the work in 1950s Manhattan, and a celebrated art historian who painted a forgery of it in her youth. A literary novel of breathtaking scope, ambition and achievement.”

The winners will be announced on 20th March. Let’s see if I can read them all by them…

Have you read any?

With the weather forecast to be in the 40’s here in the Hunter Valley this weekend, perhaps I’ll just hide inside and read!




























Indie Book Awards 2017

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