Easy Easter Reading

If you are a fan of Agatha Christie’s, Hercule Poirot, or some of the British crime shows that are set in quaint little English villages then I think you’ll enjoy this book.

Magpie Murders is actually a book within a book.  Both “books” have the obligatory murder, but one serves as a treasure map of sorts, to solving a real life murder. Unlock the codes, join the dots and the murder will be revealed.

Susan Ryeland is the editor of a famous crime writer named Alan Conway. She is also the narrator of our book. Alan Conway’s best selling books have Detective Atticus Pund as the central character. (Detective Pund is unashamedly similar to Hercule Poirot.)

We start out with Susan spending a weekend reading Alan’s latest novel, Magpie Murders. The odd thing is that he’s sent it to her with the last 2 chapters missing. This is very out of character for Alan, but before she can ask him about the missing chapters, he commits suicide. In her quest to find out what happened to these missing chapters and to come to terms with Alan’s death, Susan becomes the books amateur detective.

I loved book!!! The only disappointing thing was that, unlike Agatha Christie novels, I worked out who Alan’s murders was early on in the book. The murder within Alan’s novel totally shocked me.

Magpie Murders

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Let me know what you think! Happy reading.

Regards Kylie

Easy Easter Reading
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