Hello Again,

It’s been a little while since I posted anything here on my little blog.

Like most things, I’ve been laying dormant over winter and haven’t done anything that was particularly blog worthy….

Central-Coast-Commercial-Photographer-Valle Laguna21

As some of you may know I finished corporate life back in July and I’m now concentrating my efforts full time to Valle Laguna. Finishing work in the depths of winter was a blessing. No cold early morning starts for the commute back to Sydney (Most morning I didn’t venture outside until the frost had melted.) and I completely avoided the office flu season (bonus!).

So what have I done over the last few months?

We took a trip over to NZ skiing; Valle Laguna was featured in the weekend magazine article (Full Article Here), we planned our summer vegetable garden, and we’ve written our “To Do List” for the next few months. It’s amazing how many little jobs we still need to finish off.

Naturally I’ve been riding Cryptic any chance I get and with the birth of Donnas first foal just a few weeks away, we are very horse focused at the moment.

My newfound free time has also given me the perfect excuse to potter in the kitchen. Weeknight dinners consisted of 8 hour slow cooked lamb shoulder, beef Bourgogne and curries made from scratch. The wood fire stove has been going pretty much non-stop so there’s also been some baking. I may have gone overboard but Trent was in heaven!

I’ve also done a lot of reading! I few of my favorites are listed below.

Whilst the last few months have been wonderful and I don’t for one minute miss the frenetic pace my life used to be, I do miss the structure. All of my new free time has not been particularly productive time and it’s beginning to grate on me. If it weren’t for our lovely guest, I would have completley forgotten that this weekend is a long weekend!!!!

Luckily spring is here, so I’m looking forward to planting our summer vegetable and generally getting outside a bit more.

I’ll also be posting here regularly. I’ve got some great stuff lined up,  I just kelp putting it off “until next week”. Such an easy trap.

I hope you all have a great long weekend.

Let me know if youve read any of them or if you have any recommendations for me. Happy Reading.


The Secrets She Keeps- Michael Robotham

xthe-secrets-she-keeps.jpg.pagespeed.ic.5sRNM-1P35Philological thriller that will leave you wondering who the true villain really is. This is an absolute pager turner with lots of “sliding door moments”. The plot is revealed very early in the novel and this inside knowledge makes the interaction between the 2 main characters even more creepy. The deceit, lies and total self-interest of each character contribute to the final climax. Brilliant read.


Into the Water- Paula Hawkins


After the apparent suicide of her sister Nell, the main character Jules returns to her childhood home to care for her teenage niece. Childhood fears are faced and uncomfortable truths revealed as Jules unravels the story behind her sisters death. Hawkins wrote “Girl on the Train” so if you enjoyed that you’ll love this one. Defiantly worth reading.

House of Spies- Daniel Silva


I’m a huge fan of Daniel Silva and his Gabriel Allon series. The latest in the series did not disappoint. Sadly in today’s world, terrorism is top of mind for many people so this novel is particularly relevant. I really enjoy how his novels make you think beyond the crazy individuals and question not only why they do it, but also how. How do they recruit people? Where does the money come from? Why cant governments work together and share information to stop these hideous crimes? That said; don’t worry because the book isn’t as heavy as the subject matter. Think more James Bond for intellectuals.


Work Strife Balance- Mia Freedman


Ever since she was Editor In Chief of Cosmo I’ve held Mia up on a pedestal. She’s what I’d describe as “my kind of women”. She’s smart, funny, and honest, but most of all she is brave. Elizabeth Gilbert is quoted on the front cover and says, “Whenever women are honest about their struggles, they give other women a gift. Mia delivers”. That sums this book up perfectly and it feels more like you are having a conversation with your girlfriends than reading a book. Mia just gets women and speaks our lingo. Perfect long weekend read.

Sherlock Holmes-The Definitive Collection- Arthur Conan Doyle

Narrated By Stephen Fry


My love affair with murder mysteries began as a teenager with Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes novels, so I loved listening to these classics all over again. Stephen Fry is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and he tells a little story about how his interest in Holmes and his childhood membership to the Sherlock Holmes fan club inadvertently got him into show business. His voice is perfect and I feel from now on whenever I think of Sherlock Holmes, Stephen Frys voice is the one that I’ll hear in my head. Given that with most of the stories I already knew the plot, it allowed me to take in the setting, sub stories and secondary characters that Conan Doyle created. He included secret societies (Mafia), Mormons, the Mason and the influence of the Middle East and Asia in his stories. The character stereotypes he used would cause outrage today, and at times made me cringe- but it was a different world back then (Apparently. Sadly some of the racism still exists today) I also got a laugh out of the language. Dr. Watson narrates the stories and he spends a lot of time getting excited over the brilliance of Holmes.

“ I say Holmes, it appears you’ve cracked it.” I ejaculated.

Childish I know but it made me giggle every time!

Oh and one other note…sadly at no time in the original novels does Holmes ever say “Elementary my dear Watson”. That must have been added for TV.

Happy Reading



General Catch Up & Long Weekend Reading Recommendations.

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