New Guests😁

Hello gorgeous!

It feels like a lifetime, but we have thrown open the gates and welcomed some very special guest to Valle Laguna. 

Our steers, Eggnog and BJ couldn’t believe their eyes when 7 lovely cows ambled into their paddock.

The girls are visiting from a neighbouring property for a few months. Gosh it’s lovely to have cows again. It’s so calming to just sit and watch them graze. Sounds odd I know, but if you ever get the chance, just try it. I love the sound of their constant chewing, soft snorts and gentle murmuring as they talk to each other. (Not sure if murmur correct term but you get the idea.)

Zoe is in heaven! The kelpie/border collie instinct is alive and strong.  She is on high alert and watches them intently. When we move them through paddocks, she runs large arches around them to help heard them along. Unfortunately, we have never trained her to heard cattle so it’s not really that helpful, but she loves it.

Look at that lush green grass! We are certainly enjoying this lovely pre-summer rain and cool weather.

Hope you are enjoying the new found freedom and if you’d like to come and experience some cow-time you can book below.

See you soon.


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