Fashion Friday

This is where we indulge in a little fantasy. We put aside the hum drum daily tasks, and let our mind wander .
Today we’re talking about my current “girl crush” Amal Clooney. The women has style!!

Sure she has the money to buy anything her heart desires, and designers would no doubt be tossing clothes at her from every angle, but she manages to maintain an edginess that is uniquely her own style. I think her style also gives us an insight into her personality. I love the fact that every time I see her in the media I’m gently reminded that there is so much more to her than just looking good in clothes and there might be bigger issues in the world that what she’s wearing. Maybe that’s part of how she uses fashion & the media to her advantage. Her way of taking some of the light off herself and shining it onto the issue of human rights. I can’t imagine anyone who has been privy to the details of human atrocities as she has, could take herself or fashion that seriously. I also don’t think she could care less about what we thought of her fashion choices.

Her work wardrobe it is a no brainer. She sticks with simple suits and beautifully tailored dresses. These are the go to pieces for any professional women. No time wasted trying to work out what goes with what. An assortment of shoes & handbags easily matched to any of the suits or dresses. I very stylish “capsule wardrobe” if you like. This is a women who knows she will be photographed and critiqued from every angle. The only aspect she leaves for discussion is if we personally like the outfit or not. End of story. On with the real business. Human Rights.

Her casual wardrobe shows a more fun side. I think she has a really cool style. More rock chic that human rights lawyer that’s for sure….

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Winter Wardrobe

It’s February and there is the tiny hint of change in the air. The nights are getting cooler and a few of the leaves have started to dry out and slowly change colour. I cant wait for winter. Crazy? Maybe, but it’s my favourite season. I love everything about winter.
The “first drop” of winter fashion has started to arrive in stores. This is my signal to start sorting.  What I have, what I need and what I want. Over the years I’ve developed my own style. The outfit’s I wear time and time again. The things that work for me and suit my lifestyle. It’s one of the many things I enjoy about getting older. No longer do I feel the need to spend a small fortune on this season must have. I might pick one or two things replace something that is worn out or add a splash of this seasons colour, but overall I stick with what I know suits me and suits my lifestyle. I like the ease of winter layering. Starting with a simple silhouette of core pieces then adding scarves, jackets, hats, gloves, and boots. So what are my core pieces for winter?
Weekend/casual wear will always be jeans or tights, a fine wool jumper and a jacket. Depending on what I’m doing I’ll wear boots or flats. I then pull the look together with a scarf.  I’ve also fallen hard for the poncho over the last few seasons. It’s a more relaxed and fun look than the jacket and it a great way to breath new life into the core basics. 


Looking at what women have been wearing in the northern hemisphere over winter I’m predicting cobalt blue as this season colour. 

I also noticed a lot of lace up shoes. I’m approaching this trend with caution. It could be tricky. Much like over the knee boot where it’s a fine line between chic and cheap, this flat lace  up could have you looking totally on trend or like you are wearing school shoes.