Another Job for Winter

There is nothing I love more in winter than sitting in front of the fire and gazing into the flames. The  warmth seems to reach into every corner of the room. What I dont love is the extra work that it creates. Aside from the work involved in collecting and stacking the fire wood, there is the monotonous task of cleaning it out each day and re-setting it.
I’m not sure if it’s the type of wood that is being burnt or the effect of a slow smouldering fire that causes the glass to turn black. Whatever it is, it’s a nightmare to clean. Over the years I’ve tried many different methods of cleaning it off. Hot soapy water, Gumption, vinegar & bi carb soda. None really worked that well and they all made a huge mess. Then out of the blue my Mum gave me the secret recipe. In my world this is what’s known as a “Game Changer”.

Take a few pieces of newspaper, scrunch them up then dampen them slightly with plain old water. Dip it into the cold ash at the bottom of the fire. Using a circular motion wipe the inside of the glass. Hey Presto! The ash makes a fine abrasive paste that takes off the burnt on black soot.

 It might take a few pieces of paper to get it totally clean, but I just throw them into the fire and they dry out by the time you need to re light the fire. If you do this at the first sign of discoloration then it’s a 2 second job.



Bonfire Night

We’ve come a long way since our first bonfire night! To celebrate the completion of our shed we invited a few friends up for a BBQ & bonfire. After months of camping out in the shipping container the idea of a warm dry shed to sleep in seemed like a 5 star hotel.
8 years, 2 villa’s and a house later the same group of friends still come & celebrate with us.
The year the weather was simply perfect.

Ummmm Trent, mate is your fire fighting equipment handy?

Hello Winter

The fires we have in winter are truly of of the greatest joys about owning a farm. We have both outside & inside fires. I can’t say cutting & collecting fire wood is my favourite job, but I love the end result. There is something so comforting about starring into the flames after a long day.

 The outside fire pit always draws a crowd.

Turn the clocks back & light the fire…

Turning the clocks back an hour marks the end of daylight savings. Summer is behind us, the day’s are shorter, and there is a chill in the evening air. While I start dreaming about slow cooked casseroles and thick hearty soups, Trent’s mind is buzzing with a very different kind of excitement. It’s finally “burning off” season. Show me a man that doesn’t love a good fire.
Keeping fire trails clear and the stock piling of fallen trees and branches is a never ending process on the farm.  
We’ve had an enormous mount of rain over the last few month. Great for growing grass, and keeping dam’s and water tanks topped up. Not so good to burn  soggy wood piles.