Cooking Class-Stuffed Grape Leaves.

What a fabulous day!! Today I joined Rita from “My Fathers Table” and a few others for an afternoon of cooking. We cooked Warak Enab or Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves. Her hands on classes are amazing and truly “hand on”.
First stop was Moore Wollombi Garlic to talk with Natalie Moore about all things garlic. They have just harvested their second crop of garlic. The smell was soft & delicate. Not the overpowering acidic smell you normally associate with garlic.
Next stop Noyce Brothers Vineyard to pick Verdello grape leaves. Rita gave us a quick lesson in identifying the perfect leaves for our rolls.
Then we headed straight into the kitchen to learn the time honoured technique of stuffing &  rolling the leaves.

The rolls take around an hour to cook and then left to cool in the cooking liquid. Once we had prepared our rolls and layered them in our pot’s they were ready for us to take home and cook.
Luckily for us Rita had prepared a large pot of the rolls earlier, so we were able to sit down and enjoy a traditional Lebanese feast. 

The things we do….

One of the first things you learn when you own a farm is that everything is large scale. Even small farms require large scale everything. I don’t know why this still surprises me but it does. 
So when Trent mentioned that winter was a good time to “improve” the paddocks and he was going to get some fertiliser delivered I didn’t bat an eyelid. Sure whatever I said……after all these years I should pay more attention.
An entire truck load of chook poo?
Delivered on the same weekend we had friends visiting from Sydney! 
Really Trent?
Oh shit. Literally. 
The cow’s weren’t bothered but the truck in the paddock or the unloading of the poo, but they soon headed for the hills. Let me tell you when the cows are offended by the smell…it’s bad.
Is Trent waving to me or is he signalling to me that he’s about to pass from the smell?
I shouldn’t have worried about our friends. Natural order was reached when the boys went and played with the Tonka trucks and the ladies opened a bottle wine. Inside with the windows closed.

Great times with old friends…

This is what happens when great friends get together for a weekend! A few bottles wine, a few laughs and LOADS of amazing food. Given the amount of laughter coming from the kitchen I think the boys were getting worried that dinner might not actually happen….

Home made hummus, cheese & dips.
Marinated lamb shoulder, slow cooked in the wood fired oven for 4 hours
Garlic Mash “al la Thermomix”
Assorted greens fresh from my garden
Bread baked in the wood fired oven.
Almond & Pear Tart
Assorted Amazing Wine-lot’s of it!!
Sunday Morning was crisp & clear….alas
 the guest were not!