Times are a changing…..

I never thought farm equipment could make me emotional, but seeing these 2 get sold on has made me feel a bit sad.
I remember when we first purchased the tractor. It was our first piece of “real” farm equipment. I was a bit intimidated when it first arrived, but after a few goes I loved it. My favourite thing was dragging the harrow behind it. To the non-farming amongst you- that’s a large rake like thingy (do you like my technical talk) that you drag behind the tractor to harrow….that’s a nice way of saying it spreads cow poo!
I also loved the June long weekend when Trent would connect the trailer and take the kids for tractor rides around the farm

This little guy was a bit of an experiment. We thought it would be useful but we never imagined just how much we’d use it.
It was also loads of fun to just zoom around the farm!
Both have now been upgraded to bigger & better versions of themselves…

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