The old new stove……..

My Nana’s stove now takes pride of place in our house. I have many fond memories of standing in front of this stove with my cousins. It was always the central meeting place in winter and the perfect place to warm cold hands & bums!
It’s beautiful to cook on and keeps the entire house war. We have a gas stove in the kitchen, but during last winter I took every opportunity to cook on this stove. Whether it was soup slowly bubbling on the stove top or a casseroles in the the oven – it always made the house smell divine.
I’m not sure why, but a kettle boiled on top of this stove always makes the best pot of tea…

Trent did the most amazing job in restoring the stove. The back had completely rusted out, the chimney casing was cracked  and the fire bricks inside had to be replaced. All that and we still had to move it into the house! This solid enamel cast iron stove weigh a tonne. It took 5 men to move it out of her house. We used steel pipes to roll it into place in our new house.

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