Valentines Day

I’m not sure how I feel about Valentines Day anymore…
Back in the day it was BIG news. Women would circle the reception desk in the office like sharks (me included) waiting for that elusive bunch of flowers to be delivered. So much was being written into that one bunch of flowers. So much importance was being placed on a single gift or some over the top declaration of love. I’m a born romantic. I think the majority of women are, but today when I think of Valentines Day my idea of romance is somewhat different.
I was trying to remember the most romantic thing that Trent had ever done for me. I cant think of one. Not because he has never done anything romantic, but because he has done SO MANY romantic things. Things that come entirely out of the blue. Things that prove time and time again that he “gets me”. He understands the real me. 
I remember many years ago, not long after we had purchases our first home. Money was tight and the work situation for both of us was a bit unstable. Trent came home one night and handed me a $10 raffle ticket. First prize was a yellow VW convertible and a $1000 shopping spree. He said that when he walked past and saw the car, it made him smile and  he could picture me driving it. I didnt win but I kept the ticket in my wallet for many years. Then there was the time he took my horse float for it’s rego inspection, on his day off, just so I woudlnt have to waste my time on the weekend. Small out of the blue gestures that meant so much more than a bunch of over priced roses. Of course he’s rather good on the grand gestures to. Imagine waking up on your Birthday and seeing a beautiful diamond ring sparkling at you from your bed side table. Yep, he’s got the grand gestures worked out as well. 
Happy Valentines Day everyone.

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