Valle Laguna Book Club-Easter Reads

I’ve got my reading mojo back!! Life has been a little bit hectic over the last few weeks so I’m going to spend some time over the Easter break to catch up on some reading.

I finished Shiver, by Allie Reynolds really quickly. Unfortunately I picked the villain very early in the book so that made the ending drag out a little bit. As a keen skier I loved escaping into the snowy setting for a little while, although it did make me miss skiing even more! I enjoyed the book, but I hated the characters. Self indulgent, competitive snowboarders. All with their own dirty little secrets. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed the book so much, because it was a change from the usual cast of characters. Rating 3/5

Then for a change of pace I’m going to give The Pearl Thief, by Fiona McIntosh a go.

I certainly won’t get the chance to read the others over Easter so they’ll have to go onto the pile next to my bed.

At some point I might even attempt to sort our my bookcase. At one point it was beautifully styled. Now it just looks like a dumping ground.

Will definatley be spending some time sorting out this mess!

So what’s on your reading list for Easter?

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