Food for thought…

Food For Thought….

Dine In
Why not order in?

I absolutely love our local cafes, restaurants and pubs. Friday night dinner at GNTP, Sunday breakfast at Myrtle House cafe or a special dinner with friends at Panino.  It’s one of the very special things about living in a small community-no matter where you go you are bound to know at least half of the people there.

I also love a house full of friends with a crowded kitchen, a table filled with food and the wine flowing! Neither of these things has been possible over the last few months and I’ve missed it so much!

I know there is a lot if chatter “locally” about the first weekend the pub is open again or how amazing the first Friday night at GNTP will be when things finally go back to normal. I don’t think anyone really knows what the new normal will look, but it will be a welcome relief from how it has been.

We’ve all just adapted as best we can and I have to say that I’m so proud of our little valley. So many businesses have been turned upside down, and still they keep going. The corporate world has terms like “pivoting” or being “agile”. Locally I think it’s called “getting shit done”,  “keeping the doors open” or “putting food on the table”.  We’re a bloody stoic lot.

So with limited seating, social distancing measures and changes to the health and safety requirements for food service, it has made it almost impossible for our small restaurants, cafes and pubs to function, but they have all adapted in their own way.

If you are planning a stay in our beautiful valley over the next few months why not change up the experience with some restaurant quality food delivery or take away options?

You can stay tucked up cozy and warm in front of the fire and I can’t be the only one thinking that the “No Designated Driver Required” option is also a huge bonus…

No Designated Driver Required
No Designated Driver Required

How does a 3-course meal delivered to your accommodation for $50 per person sound? Think shared cheese board to start, then a Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shoulder with chick peas and sweet potato, cous cous, mint yoghurt, or Pulled Chicken and Black Bean Soft Tacos with Red cabbage Slaw, corn & tomato salso, guacamole, sour cream, Jalapeno & house made pickles.

The ladies from Wollombi Catering (Sasha & Nat) who are normally booked solid with wedding at this time of year have offered some amazing option for guest staying in the Wollombi Valley.  I’ve had these ladies cater for us a number of times for us here at Valle Laguna and the feedback is always amazing! Hat’s off to you Nat & Sasha! Have a peak at their website for all of the options and place your order Order Here.

All for $50pp. Seriously!

“The clatter of crockery and endless chatter, our busy, Cafe brimming”Myrtle House Cafe

Another of our dinner options adapting to these crazy times is Myrtle House. They are open for dinner but the seating is limited so you’ll need to book early or simply order from their dinner menu and swing by to pick it up. Order here

None of this will help your waistline but I guarantee your soul will be full and your taste buds dancing…



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