Valle Laguna Book Club -What I’ve been reading & listening to

Valle Laguna Book Club-June 2020

Valle Laguna Book Club-June 2020
Valle Laguna Book Club-June 2020

Oddly enough the amount of books that I’ve been reading has dropped during the COVID19 restrictions. How is that possible? I’ll admit that we’ve spent a huge amount of time working outside over the last few weeks because as the weather has been sublime.  Clear mild days that are just perfect for tackling the never ending To Do List

Still I was surprised that my list was so short. That said I do have a fantastic recommendation for you.

Agatha Raisin-The Quiche of Death, read by Penelope Keith. Audible.

Absolute cracker!!! Loved it so much. I could listen to Penelope Keith all day, and she is perfect as Agatha. If you enjoyed the light hearted, slightly slap stick TV series then I think you’ll love the book/audio version. All of the characters are there and it’s interesting to see how they where adapted to the TV show. Often when I’ve read a book and then watched the movie version I’m disappointed with the portrayal of the characters. Not so with Agatha. The TV writers did a brilliant job  and although the books are more “serious” (well as serious as a poison quiche can be!) there are glimmers of the zany TV character throughout the book.

Although I listened to this on audible, I’d defiantly recommend giving the book a go.

These are the books I’ll be reading in June.

Normal People-Sally Rooney

The Switch-Beth O’leary

Three Women-Lisa Taddeo

Let me know if you’ve got some good read suggestions.


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