Farm Update November 2021

Well, where do we start?

Let’s not talk about the dreaded C word. After a few false starts, restrictions have lifted, and we are finally welcoming guest back to Valle Laguna. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to receive messaged and bookings from so many past guests. It was a strange feeling to be “back in the office” after so much time. Everything was the same but somehow different. I guess like people returning to offices and kids returning to school it will take some re adjustment.

Life on a farm never really stops so although we didn’t have guest, we still had plenty to do.

Previously unseen view of the driveway.
Zoe is not happy about being tied up! She was being a little bit too helpful.

Way back in my last farm update I showed you a little bit of the new property. (Catch Up Here) We now have the most fabulous family living in the house and Trent has been busy clearing up paddocks and re-doing fences.

The entrance is taking shape. The creek line has been cleared so for the first time in years we can access the creek. It also opens the view of the front entrance, which was previously obscured by the overgrowth.

I absolutely love the new signage that we’ve had made, and I can’t wait for the sandstone to arrive. Watch this space.!!  

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