New Horizons

Valle Laguna is expanding!!! We have purchased a neighbouring property…..because we are crazy people! As if 100 acres wasn’t enough we’ve doubled our land and work load.

It is an absolutely beautiful piece of land with the gorgeous house set high up on the hilltop with stunning views across the Watagan Mountains. We have named the house “Hilltop House”. 

The property has been left untouched for a number of years so there’s an enormous amount of work to be done. Old fencing needs to be replaced, overgrown paddocks need to be cleared before we can graze cattle and the roads and fire tracks all need to be brought up to standard. I refer to them currently as “goat tracks”.

Now a project like this is going to take a long time so we have a job list that we’ve loosely divided into priorities. Fencing and paddock maintenance are top of the list at the moment, but we couldn’t resist the challenge to clear the picnic area beside the water hole. It’s one of my favourite parts of the entire property. I can just see us there on a summer evening having a few glasses of wine with friends. I also think it will be a great spot for morning tea when we are working in the paddocks!

Now those of you who have been hanging around here for a little while will be familiar with the story of how we build Valle Laguna. (You can catch up on the story here) We wanted the house and villas to be solar passive, and the entire property to be self-sufficient. We accomplished this and learnt a whole lot on that journey! We want the same for this property, but the challenge will be to bring an already existing house up to the same standard.

So this is just a little sneak peek of our next project. Wish us luck!

10 minutes after settlement Trent was already at work!
10 Minutes after we settled on the property, Trent was at work!
Our spring fed water hole
Perfect place for a picnic
Valle Laguna- Hilltop House

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